Student loan borrowers are caught off guard by tax refund offset for student loans

Student Loan Experts


Step 1: Check Your Refund Status Before You File! 1-800-204-3107(IRS Hotline)

Step 2: If you are on the tax off set list or you are behind on your student loans call Now! (727)767-0321 or contact us online

 It’s that time of year again – tax time. While you may not look forward to the actual filing of your taxes, many consumers do look forward to getting that refund check. In fact, most start planning what they will do with that refund long before tax season.

 Whether you were planning on putting a down payment on a new vehicle, putting it in savings, catching up on those Christmas bills or paying off debt, finding out your federal or state tax refund has been seized can be a nasty surprise.

 [Understand student loan defaults and tax refunds.]

 Many federal student loan borrowers are caught off guard the first time their refund is taken…

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